Bis vivit qui bene vivit

She who lives well lives twice.

I love my job.

Okay, so technically I’m only an intern, and technically I’m the low man on the totem pole, and technically I should be making coffee all day long, because I’m pretty sure that’s what internships are about these days. But my internship is AWESOME because a) I don’t ever make coffee (although I could, for myself, if I wanted to–we have 3 different coffee machines); b) I get to do really cool, really fun stuff all day long; and c) I’m actually doing stuff that gets put into the app the company makes, rather than background research or something useful but not prominent. It’s super cool to open an app and be like, oh hey, I know the answer to this question because I wrote it.

Or it would be, if I could open the app on my phone. But I’ve got a Droid and we’re currently only on iOS. Which is a shame, because I really like the Droid OS and I really like the app but I can’t like them together. But anyways.

Another perk of my job is its total casualness. I go in wearing jeans and sneakers, and if I put on mascara people tell me I look nice and ask where I’m going that evening. Once I wore a dress from Costco and the entire Art team complimented me on it. Hmm. I can also swear (I never thought the phrase “there’s a fuckton of merge conflicts” would ever appear in my lexicon, but it has) like a sailor on shore leave. And the topics that we cover at mealtimes? Yeah, those are pretty awesome too. In the past three days, we’ve discussed

  1. Wedding veils and hairstyles to match them;
  2. Sex toys, specifically massage oil in a lotion bar form, from a sex toy shop in downtown SF;
  3. Late-term abortions under medical necessity;
  4. Merge conflicts in GitHub;
  5. The merits of gel nail polish versus regular polish;
  6. Dead bird carcasses;
  7. Names for Ben & Jerry’s new San Francisco-themed ice cream;
  8. How Python is similar to Lua/MOAI and why functions work the way they do;
  9. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge;
  10. How Idaho truly is personified by the potato;
  11. Everything going on at WWDC, including the new iPhone app icons and how they differ from the old ones;
  12. LOLcats;
  13. Milky Pens (flashback from the 90s, anyone?);
  14. Content deploys from the local repository to the live app;
  15. Video games;
  16. VHS tapes and floppy discs;
  17. Parents and grandparents who are putting the pressure on re: marriage and grandchildren;
  18. Tootsie rolls; and
  19. Fanny packs.

Yes. Yes we did. 

I spend my whole day smiling because I get to do work I enjoy with people I like while learning things. Life really doesn’t get much better than that.


About Essie Horowitz

24, single, software engineer in the middle of nowhere. Yeah, I'm just that cool.
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